Take Out

Yatsumeya Nishimura

八ツ目や にしむら


3-13-10 Shimomeguro,meguro-ku,tokyo.

Tel:   03 3713 6548     Fax:  03 3713 6540


Take out    Open 10:30am Closed 6:30pm

Eat-in      The dining room is only open for lunch 11:00~13:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All other times, take out only. We are closed on Wednesday.

Closed on Wednesday,[except national holidays]

We are opening during the end and beginning of the year.



Tokyu Meguro Line Fudomae Station 5-minute walk

Take Out Menu

◆Grilled Eel Bento

(Bento means: a meal inside a takeout box.)

Medium size eel with rice 2800yen
Large size eel with rice 3300yen
Two pieces of medium size eels with rice 5500yen

◆Grilled Eel without rice

Medium size eel 2500yen
Large size eel 3000yen

The way to warm it up ~~If the eel has gotten cool~~

  • Put it on a microwave safe dish, then wrap and microwave it.
  • [500w 40-60 seconds 900w 20 seconds]
  • Bake it in an oven for 3-4 minutes until the surface is crisp.
  • Warm-up time needn’t be exact, it depends on your taste.
  • It’s easy to remove the skewers when the eel becomes warm.
  • It can keep in the refrigerator for 4 days.